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"I have spent 34 creative, challenging and fullfilling years at National Grid and all its predecessor companies. I learned and experienced every aspect of a Gas Utility Distribution and Transmission business. This breadth of hands on experence has placed me perfectly to understand the needs of business, its complexities, challenges, process and behavioural nuances and limitations."

Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-Engineering Once the root cause and the problem statement is identified, the most appropriate technique or combination of techniques to transform the problem needs to be identified. The transformation is never about using one specific method or another to resolve the issue. It is about having the capability and experience to facilitate the change without […]

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8 Week Performance Acceleration Programme

8 Week Performance Acceleration Programme  This works for challenging and deep rooted under performing business areas. Dependant upon the size, depth, breadth and financial consequences of the problem the resolution can come in 1 programme or in multiple programmes connected together by phases. It requires appropriate level Executive sponsorship relative to the size of the […]

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Performance Management

Performance Management Independant objective evaluation of the performance against desired business performance metrics and current performance management, mechanisms and their data collection processes. An end to end performance review against fitness for purpose, existing performance measures and controls, integrity of measurement and reporting, escalation processes, timeliness, quality, consistency and repeatability. Key findings, recommendations,quick wins, issues and risks, […]

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Change Management

Change Management Strategic Change Management consultation for minimising resistance, where appropriate, through a variety of engagement strategies. Communication strategy aligned to change strategy to minimise impact on business as usual through the transition process. Use of trust building through creation of transparency, initiation or development of company values working with the people and where necessary use of change networks in order to […]

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“Brian brought another dimension to our Work Winning team particularly for our gas business. His customer perspective and attention to detail ensured we understood the real drivers of clients and this was articulated in both face to face and written communications. Brian also had a passion for safety so also supported our continuous development of safe working practices and procedures.”
Paul Mallorie FRICS, FCIOB, MIQA Group Business Development Director J Murphy & Sons Limited

"I think the Ideal Role model was enormously helpful. The end product is compelling in the sense that there is clarity to the structure, criteria and score; the actual criteria were precise and reflected the key aspects that I was looking for - the USP is your ability to pull that out of my meandering conversation; and it actually provided a direction for me to move with a decision when I had actually hit something of a wall".
Huw Wiltshire Wasps RFC Performance Manager - 2013–15. Russia National Team Performance Manager - 2010–12.