Company Health Check

IndependentIndependent 3rd party review of performance or compliance of core business processes, specific teams, operational field force, projects or departments for efficiency, competency, SHEQ.

As part of a relatively low cost risk managed approach it can apply to under or high performing business areas and can provide assurance on major projects in progress or post implementation to ascertain level of sustainability or slippage.

Provide a range of service from commencement to completion which begins with an accurate scope definition to close out of resultant action plans where required.Typically presented in Main Finding, key findings, quick wins, issues and other related impacts.


“Many thanks for providing a great feedback session for the team… We all thought that hearing this feedback from an external, experienced team was extremely valuable…Your presentation, report and engagement has provided that structural springboard to move to a new way of working… the rest of the team, and I will be putting in place many of your recommendations.


Can I say from a personal perspective, it was a pleasure working with you guy’s and your hard work (which I know some of it was!) was reflected in a clear dissemination report, which will remain a blueprint for the next six months. Throughout all of the feedback sessions we have had and from discussions in the team none of your findings or recommendations have come under any criticism or challenge, which to me means you definitely picked up on our major challenges.


Once again, thanks very much for your support, wisdom and diligence it makes it so much easier when insight is delivered with so much thought for those receiving it, resulting in buy-in from all the team. I know from your feedback, overall, it was a beneficial assignment, hooking up together, and something a little bit different”. Alec Breen Innovation Leader EIC